Urmia Lake
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1 Minister of energy officially announced: "The beginning of Urmia Lake revival has been cancelled to the end of this year 567
2 Flag of Islamic Republic was burned in tabriz + video 565
3 UNPO General Secretary Calls for Urgent Action Regarding the Critical Situation of Lake Urmia 583
4 Representative of United Nations development programme (UNDP) in Iran: I was surprised at condition of Urmia Lake 601
5 Salt storms of Urmia lake arrived also in the parliament 579
6 Political prisoners of Southern Azerbaijan and Urmia Lake were the issues of discussion of European Parliament members+ Video+ Images 1071
7 Alireza Beyqi: We have to think about shrinking Urmia Lake 578
8 Southern Part of urmia Lake is going to dry up in less than a year 649
9 Two days meetings: SASM's and SADP's agencies with Vice-Chair of Committee on Agriculture and the administrator of secretariat of Delegation for relations with Iran 544
10 Meeting of six members and representatives of the Europe parliament with the south Azerbaijani activistis 592
11 Exhibition of Urmia Lake drying up with participation of Sweden parties 582
12 Agents of AZOH and GADP met Vice-chair of Delegation for relations with Iran in European parliament 621
13 Iran's Dam Policy and the Case of the Lake Urmia 1198
14 petition to save lake urmia 808
15 New wave of demonstrations in Iranian Azerbaijan suppressed by riot police 859
16 Second USAN campaign to help save lake Urmia in West Azerbaijan region 1250
17 Please send the letter to United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon. It will take only 1 minute of your time 1101
18 Fears Of Ethnic Tensions Rise In Iran Amid Azeri Clashes 807
19 People protest in Tabriz, but there appear to be snipers on the rooftops 692
20 Southern Azerbaijan: Symposium Discusses Situation Lake Orumiyeh 1219
21 Iran suspends construction of 10 dams to recover Urmiya Lake 1012
22 The Drying of Iran's Lake Urmia and its Environmental Consequences 1917
23 Lake Urmia: dry up or drain 757
24 Drying up of Lake Urmia would mean demise of Tabriz 635
25 Climate Conversations - Iran's Lake Urmia drying up in volatile region 723
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