Drying up of Lake Urmia would mean demise of Tabriz چاپ
شنبه ۰۲ ارديبهشت ۱۳۹۱ ساعت ۱۱:۰۴

AZOH: The actions taken by mullah regime that led to drying up of Lake Urmia and against our Southern compatriots protesting against it should be cursed.

The remarks came from Sabir Rustamkhanli, member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, chairman of the World Azerbaijanis’ Congress.

The Iranian regime pursues hypocritical policies against its population, especially Azerbaijani Turks, he said.

The enmity of Iranian regime towards Southern Azerbaijanis in the country manifests itself very strongly in its attitude towards their language, history, culture and economy and in all parameters of way of living, the MP added.

“There have been humiliating reports in newspapers and insulting programs against Azerbaijanis in Iranian TV channels over the past years. The attitude of Iranian chief of general staff towards Northern Azerbaijani is in fact his attitude towards Azerbaijani Turks here – in North Azerbaijan.

“Iranian officials sometimes make insulting remarks about Azerbaijani people and state thinking that the people here are not aware what they say. But this is a pain in hearts of Tabriz, Ardabil, Urmka, Zanjan and Hamadan and it hurts. This will be show itself one day.”

Turks from South Azerbaijan make great majority of those who oppose Fars-mullah regime both within Iran and outside the country, Rustamkhanli said.

“Azerbaijanis make up great majority both within parties based abroad and among people’s mujahids. But let’s put all these aside. The latest events showed that Azerbaijani Turks in Iran act as a major driving force in the country.

“As to Lake Urmia, this is a serious matter. Urmia events are the upper limit of Iran’s enmity towards us. The drying up of Aral Lake proved fatal for the Central Asia. Tens of thousands of villages around it were resettled. Nearby steppes are turning into salt because of this. Similarly, drying up of the Lake Urmia will affect environment of the entire South Azerbaijan, especially East Azerbaijan Province.”

If this lake, one of the salty lakes in the world, dries up, all lands in South Azerbaijan will turn into salt which would mean demise of Urmia, Tabriz and depriving our compatriots of their last piece of bread, the MP continued.

“In other words, Iranian authorities, hindering economic development in these lands, want to make Azerbaijanis to leave them and spread to various locations across Iran and settle other ethnic minorities here. But they will fail. Iran paves a way for a next disaster. The protests of Azerbaijanis in Urmia and Tabriz are understandable. It is impossible to suppress people who assert their rights by violence,” the MP stated.