Southern Part of urmia Lake is going to dry up in less than a year چاپ
سه شنبه ۲۱ آبان ۱۳۹۲ ساعت ۰۲:۵۳

AZOH: It has been written in Tehran newspaper: " The estimates has demonstrated  that by the end of next year, southern part of Urmia lake will be completely dried up except the area of causeway bridge."

According to SASM, Naser Agh. the founder  of the institute for Artemia in Urmia city, has said: " This event is more than a disaster and is very different from the facts and figures which are reported by some of media or organizations."

On the other hand, America's treasury department has issued the public authorization to participate in constructional, environmental and sporting projects in Iran.

According to SASM, Dentons, a legal affairs company in US, Canada and GB have taken executive steps to save Urmia Lake.

Majid Javdani tabrizi, the representative of Dentons in Iran has said: " Treasury of US has declared the issuannce of this permission as a sign of encouraging humanitarian and benevolent activities and cooperation among the people of Iran and America."